IOF attacks Burin villagers in efforts to protect settlers
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IOF attacks Burin villagers in efforts to protect settlers

On July 26th, 2010, Israeli Occupation Forces arrested four Palestinians and wounded three others in the village of Burin (Nablus District) after a group of approximately 20 settlers attacked the home of Ibrahim Eid, which is located close to Bracha, a new Israeli settlement in the area.

Ibrahim Eid’s house is currently under construction. Eid and two youths spent the night in the house as is custom among Palestinians when completing the casting of the roof. The settlers began to demolish the facades of the house and Eid and the youths began to defend themselves and the house with the assistance of other neighboring Burin villagers. Afterwards, more settlers emerged and began to throw stones at the Burin residents. In the process, Ibrahim Eid’s house was completely damaged and Eid, the carpenter Rasim Abdul-Jabbar Hussein, and one unidentified Palestinian child was injured.

The settlers not only assaulted the villagers of Burin, but they also set fire to thousands of acres planted with olive trees. When the villagers tried to extinguish the fires, Israeli Occupation Forces prevented the villagers from doing so. Instead, the Occupation Forces protected the settlers who started the clashes and repressed the Palestinians who acted in defense of their lives and land. As a result, four unidentified Palestinians were arrested.

Clashes continued into the evening.