Al-Ma’sara weekly protest demands and end to futile negotiations
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Al-Ma’sara weekly protest demands and end to futile negotiations

On July 30th, 2010, the weekly protest in Al-Ma’sara (Bethlehem District) was launched under the slogan of ‘Stop the negotiations’. Approximately one hundred demonstrators joined the protest which began in front of the Zawahra school and moved towards the Apartheid Wall. Participants carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans calling for national unity and an end to what they described as futile negotiations.

The protest not only included al-Ma’sara villagers, but also the participation of the Popular Committee of the village Wadi Rahal. The protest was part of the joint activities put together by the villages of Al-Ma’sara and Wadi-Rahal and international solidarity activists from Spain, France and Italy.

The demonstrators closed the settlement road near the area of the Wall before the Israeli Occupation Forces attacked the area by firing sound bombs directly into the crowd. Afterwards, the Occupation Forces pursued the protestors with military vehicles inside the village, but were unable to arrest any demonstrators.

Mohammed Brejiyeh, the Bethlehem coordinator of the popular committee against the Wall and settlements, gave a speech in which he emphasized the rejection of the negotiations by the Popular Committees and appealed to the Palestinian government to stop all forms of negotiations with the Occupation Forces.