Ni’lin honors its martyrs and calls for continued popular resistance
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Ni’lin honors its martyrs and calls for continued popular resistance

On July 30th, 2010, the weekly protest against the Wall and settlements in the village of Ni’lin (Ramallah District) commemorated the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Ahmad Musa and Yusef Amira. Ahmad Musa was killed during a demonstration against the Wall on July 29th, 2008 from a bullet in his head and Yusuf Amira was injured fatally the next day, and died a week later.

The demonstration began after the Friday prayers and moved towards the land in front of the Apartheid Wall. Many international activists participated in the march. When the demonstrators arrived at the Wall, Israeli Occupation Forces began firing teargas canisters directly at them, causing 15 cases of suffocation due to the inhalation of tear gas. The demonstrators responded by throwing stones and throwing back the tear gas canisters that were fired at them by the Occupation Forces from behind the Wall. According to eyewitnesses, five soldiers suffered asphyxiation from the tear gas thrown back at them.

Afterwards, the Occupation Forces pursued the demonstrators and the international solidarity activists to the outskirts of the village after they had opened the gate of the Wall and fired a significant amount of tear gas and sound bombs to suppress the demonstration. However, no demonstrators were arrested in the process.

Honoring the deaths of Ahmad Musa and Yousuf Amira during Ni’lin’s weekly march underlines that Palestinians are continuing to struggle for the cause that these Palestinian died for. Protests against the crimes of Israeli Occupation will continue in spite of the violent suppression at the hands of Israeli Occupation Forces.