Youth burn Wall gate in the Ni’lin protest against the Wall and settlements
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Youth burn Wall gate in the Ni’lin protest against the Wall and settlements

***image2***On Friday August 7th, 2010, the weekly demonstration against the Wall and settlements in the village of Ni’lin commemorated the second anniversary of the death of Yousef Amira, a Ni’lin villager who was killed by Israeli Occupation Forces as he was demonstrating against the Wall.
During the weekly protest in Ni’lin, the demonstrators set the gate of the Apartheid Wall on fire in their efforts to break into the area behind the Wall. Demonstrators painted numerous slogans against the Occupation on the Wall and its gates.

Yousef Amira was one of the five martyrs of Ni’lin who fell on the incessant battle against the Wall and Israeli Occupation. The weekly protest began with the ***image3*** demonstrators carrying pictures of Yousef, who was killed at the age of seventeen. Protestors raised Palestinian flags and called for popular resistance to renew their loyalty to the activists who have already died in the struggle against Israeli Occupation.

As the demonstrators arrived at the Apartheid Wall, the Israeli Occupation Forces stationed behind the Wall started to fire tear gas directly at them. Some demonstrators threw rocks and set fire to the gate of the Wall, trying to break it down.

The Israeli Occupation Forces fired significant amounts of tear gas at the demonstrators, resulting in dozens of cases of asphyxiation due to the inhalation of tear gas. The IOF also chased protestors to the outskirts of the village in their attempts to arrest them. However, the Occupation Forces did not succeed in arresting any of the protestors.