Bethlehem district: villagers stand in solidarity with Jerusalem
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Bethlehem district: villagers stand in solidarity with Jerusalem


On Friday the occupation forces repressed the weekly protest in the village of al-Ma’sara launching gas canisters and sound bombs towards demonstrators trying to cross the barrier of soldiers in order to reach their land which has been isolated by the Apartheid Wall.

The protest theme was solidarity with Jerusalemites. The participants left from the school al-Zawahira and moved towards the entrance of the village. A large number of soldiers were waiting for them to prevent them from entering their land, throwing tear gas and sound bombs towards them.

The coordinator of the Popular Campaign against the Apartheid Wall and the settlements in al-Ma’sara, Muhammad Brejiyeh, gave a speech about Jerusalem and its judaization, about the occupation and the policies of expropriation of houses in Jerusalem, reaffirming the importance of Palestinian unity to protect Jerusalem from the occupation and judaization projects.


Israeli Occupation Forces arrested a number of demonstrators and injured 3 others in the weekly protests at al-Walajeh. The injured were transported to the Arab Society Hospital for treatment. The protest began at the al-Hada Mosque and advanced towards the entrance of the village. Numerous international solidarity activists joined the villagers.

The military violently repressed the demonstration, attacking and beating the demonstrators with batons and rifle butts and firing tear gas and sound bombs in their direction.

The Occupation Forces arrested Majid Khalil al-Araj (40 years old), Ma’mon Sa’di al-Araj (25 years old), and hospitalized three demonstrators. Both arrestees have been released.

Al-Walajeh will be completely surrounded by the Apartheid wall once construction is finished.