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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Weekly Repression Update 6-13 December


Stop the Wall

Repression Update




Period: Monday 6 December to Monday 13 December 2010



1)     Arrests of HRDs and Minors

Three students and some international HRDs as well as other Palestinians were arrested in Beit Ummar and Bil’in


2)     Violence against HRDs

The IOF used severe repressive tactics to quell the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh, injuring several HRDs. Several also suffered from tear gas bombs and asphyxiation at the Bil’in weekly protest


3)     Collective punishment

The IOF damaged a house by firing tear gas canisters at the Nabi Saleh weekly protest and declared the area a closed military zone and ordered international HRDs to leave.



1) Arrests of HRDs and Minors

New arrests




Place: Beit Ummar, Hebron

Date of arrests: Thursday 9 December

Names: Adel Issa Abdul Khaleq Suleiman (15), Khader Bassem Khader Al-Allamy (15), and university student Safwat Adel Rasheed Arrar (20)

Circumstances: The three students were arrested during a late night raid in Beit Ummar


Place: Bil’in

Date of arrests: Friday 10 December

Names: Abd al-Fattah Burnat and a German citizen (name unknown)

Circumstances: The two were arrested during the weekly demonstrations


Place: Beit Ummar, Hebron

Date of arrests: Saturday 11 December

Names: American demonstrator (name unknown)

Circumstances: Arrested during the weekly demonstration




 Name: Adeeb Abu Rahmah

Date: Monday 13 December

Circumstances: Adeeb was released following an extended sentence of 18 months charged with ‘incitement’ in organising weekly protests in Bil’in



Past court hearings: No information available


Upcoming court hearings: No information available




No information available



2) Violence against HRDs and Minors


No information available

Injuries with live rounds

No information available

Other serious injuries


Place: Bil’in

Date: Friday 10 December

Names: Mohammed Shawkat Al-Khateeb (17 years


Circumstances:  suffered a leg injury from a tear gas bomb during the weekly protests


Place: Bil’in

Date: Friday 10 December

Names: Najib Cherauna, Palestinian cameraman and photographer, Moheeb Barghouti (reporter) and Tal (Australian television reporter)

Circumstances: Suffered severe tear gas inhalation during the weekly protests


Place: Nabi Saleh

Date: Friday 10 December

Names: Two women and a young child under 3 (names unknown)

Circumstances: The IOF fired tear gas canisters at the house of Abu Hassam Tamimi during the weekly protest with the three inside suffering from severe tear gas inhalation as a result.


Place: Nabi Saleh

Date: Friday 10 December

Names: international activist (name uknown)

Circumstances: The activist was kicked and beaten before being taken by the IOF to an unknown place




No information available


3) Collective Punishment

Damage of property


No information available



No information available



No information available


Dozens of people were affected by tear gas which was fired at the protests and in people’s houses in al Nabi Saleh. One house owned by Abu Hussam Tamimi and his family had its windows broken by tear gas canisters fired at the house. The house also caught on fire and partially burned as a result of this. The entrances to the village were also closed off. With the intensification of confrontations, the IOF declared Nabi Saleh a closed military zone, initiated a curfew and asked the journalists and international peace activists to leave the village or repressive measures will be taken against them.




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