Five still held for blocking bulldozers in al Walaja
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Five still held for blocking bulldozers in al Walaja

Yesterday morning, residents of the village of al Walaja blocked Occupation bulldozers clearing a path for the Wall. In response, soldiers attacked the protestors and arrested eight Palestinians, among them youth and members of the popular committee.

Occupation forces have released Mazin Qumsiyeh, Shereen al Arj and Abdulrahman Abu Tin, all activists with the popular resistance. However, Abdulrahman Hajajla, Ahmad Hajajla, Wadiya’ ad Din, Hasan Hajajala as well as brothers Mustafa Mohamed ad Darras and Ibrahim Mohammed ad Darras (16 years of age) are all still detained. They are being held at a Border Police compound in Atarot settlement, and there are fears that they may not be released soon.

Soldiers and Border Police arrested the activists yesterday morning, during a morning protest in al Walaja. Despite being tear gassed and beaten with fists and rifle butts, villagers succeeded in halting bulldozers working in the area of ‘Ayn Hadafa, a spring south of the village. If the Wall is completed, both the spring and the nearby village graveyard will be isolated.

Only recently has work restarted on the Wall on al Walaja lands. If completed, the village will be encircled on all sides, accessible only through a single entry point controlled by the Occupation forces.