Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update

Al Masara: Child injured by sound bomb, several cases of tear gas inhalation

With some dressed as Santa Clause and carrying bells, demonstrators set out on the weekly protest against the Wall and settlements.

Palestinians from al Masara and nearby villages along with international activists marched from the local school to the entrance of the village, condemning the Apartheid Wall as well as the actions of the Occupation authorities in Jerusalem, which are warping its physical spare and its history.

At the entrance of the village, Occupation forces rained sound and tear gas bombs on the demonstrators, choking dozens of demonstrators. Ali Hamdan, 16 years of age, was injured when he was hit in the chest with a sound bomb.

Ala’ ad Din, a member of the popular committee in the village, delivered a speech at the demonstration on the occasion of Christmas, stating that everyone needed to play a role for the sake of liberating the place of Jesus’ birth from occupation. He also condemned the bulldozing of the cemeteries in Jerusalem, stressing the importance of Palestinians working as one to draw the attention of the international community to ongoing Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

Bil’in: Press and demonstrators injured, dozens of severe cases of tear gas inhalation at Christmas demonstration

On Friday, journalists and protestors were injured in Bil’in, along with the dozens who suffered from tear gas inhalation.

International demonstrators and residents of Bil’in marched towards the Wall, carrying Palestinian flags and posters bearing the image of Abdallah Abu Rahmah, a coordinator of the popular committee, who is imprisoned in an Occupation jail. Five of the participants also dressed as Santa Clause, ringing bells and distributing “presents” of spent gas canisters, used by Occupation forces against the people of the village.

Shouting slogans calling for the release of all prisoners and an end to internal division, protestors headed toward the Wall. A large contingent of soldiers waited in their positions, hidden behind slabs of concrete. When protestors attempted to cross into their isolated land, soldiers open fire with gas and sound bombs in addition to rubber-coated metal bullets. They pursed protestors through the olive groves, and by the end of the protest Awda Abu Rahmah (22) had been hit in the leg with a gas bomb, along with Tariq Khatib, also injured in the leg in a similar manner. A journalist was also hit in the foot.

Ni’lin: Confrontations at the gate in the Wall during the weekly protest

The weekly protest began after Friday prayers held near the Wall. The weekly sermon stressed how important it is for Palestinians to continue to gather and confront the Occupation.

Villagers and international activists headed toward the Wall and clashed with soldiers, who fired tear gas and received stones in return. Confrontations continued for several hours, and while there were several cases of tear gas inhalation reported, there were no serious injuries.

An Nabi Saleh: Protestor shot 13 times with rubber bullets

Protestors set off from Martyr’s Square in the village, led by several youth dressed as Santa. No sooner had they reached the village entrance than Occupation soldiers fired tear gas at the march. Gas bombs broke the windows of a number of homes, flooding the rooms with and forcing families and their children to flee.

Before the protest, Occupation forces had closed the road between an Nabi Saleh and Beit Reema. Soldiers fired a barrage of rubber bullets at youth who approached the area. One protestor was rushed to Ramallah hospital after we was shot 13 times, 11 in the chest and 2 in the neck.