Catalan solidarity worker arrested by Occupation police
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Catalan solidarity worker arrested by Occupation police

Catalan human rights worker Marcel Masferrer was detained and taken to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, but will not be expelled until Sunday to Barcelona.

Marcel Masferrer, who has lived in Jerusalem since 2006 and has worked for the Stop the Wall partner ACSUR Las Segovias until 2009, was arrested yesterday evening by the Israeli police and was transferred to Ben Gurion International Airport, from where he will be expelled to Barcelona. Marcel was able to speak yesterday at two o’clock in the morning with his father. Masferrer is now locked in a cell at the airport and is entitled to make only one phone call every 24 hours.

A spokesman for Xarxa d’Enllaç amb Palestina has added that Marcel’s work visa has been withdrawn and that he may be banned from Israel for ten years. Spanish organizations are already planning demonstrations on Sunday and other public events to denounce Israeli repression of human rights activists.