Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – January 14
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – January 14

Bil’in: In solidarity with the prisoners and martyrs of Bil’in

The people of Bil’in marched on Friday against the Wall in solidarity with Abdullah Abu Rahmah, facing Occupation attacks as they tried to reach their lands on the other side of the Wall.

Carrying Palestinian flags and pictures of the village’s martyrs, Jawaher Abu Rahmah and Basem Abu Rahmah, residents, Israeli and international activists marched toward the Wall. Jawaher died several weeks ago from tear gas poisoning, while her brother Basem was killed more than a year and a half ago during a protest in the village.

A large number of soldiers prevented protestors from reaching the lands on the other side of the Wall, firing tear gas and rubber bullets while spraying chemical water on the marchers. Several people were injured, among them young Uday Falah Abu Rahmah (13), who was struck in the leg with a tear gas canister. An Israeli activist was also injured after being hit in the leg, and another international demonstrator was hit in the hand.

The popular committee of Bil’in affirmed that, despite the violence directed against the village and the politically motivated imprisonment of popular committee members, the popular resistance would refuse to be broken.

Al Ma’sara: Residents continue to confront soldiers

Residents gathered in the center of the village on Friday, supported by international activists, before marching toward the site of the Wall. They raised Palestinian flags and signs denouncing Occupation attacks on Palestinians.

As is almost always the case, soldiers were waiting, armed and carrying batons. They blocked those present from reaching the Wall, beating several people who tried to make their way through. Protestors continued to try to break through, with some youth hurling stones at the soldiers who refused to allow them to reach their lands.

Ni’lin: Demonstrator knocked off the Wall

A young boy was injured in Ni’lin Friday when he was knocked off the Wall by Israeli fire, during a demonstration against the Wall attended by residents, international activists and national Palestinian figures.

Soldiers fired tear gas on protestors as soon as the reached the Wall this Friday. A soldier also fired a tear gas canister at a 15-year-old boy who had climbed the Wall carrying a Palestinian flag. The canister hit him in the head, causing him to fall from a height of 3 meters. He was transported to the hospital, and treated for moderate injuries.

Al Nabi Saleh: Protestors clash with soldiers, face live ammunition

Occupation forces employed a variety of repressive measures in their efforts to smash the Friday demonstration in al Nabi Saleh. They closed metal gates on the roads to the village, massed troops in the center, occupied homes and threatened villagers over a loudspeaker to dissuade them from protesting. However, these actions failed to intimidate residents, who were joined by activists who walked through the hill to bypass Occupation checkpoints.

Facing tear gas and rubber bullets, protestors responded to the threats and the closure with stones, raining them down on the soldiers concentrated in the center, forcing them to flee. This provoked a violent response, and Occupation forces fired barrages of live fire on the homes of residents and protestors.

Over the course of the protest, a number of people suffered from tear gas inhalation and were treated on the field by the Red Crescent. One Israeli activist was injured when hit with a tear gas round in the back, and three other youth were also hurt.