Volunteers attacked attempting to reclaim stolen land
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Volunteers attacked attempting to reclaim stolen land

Today, A group of volunteers succeeded in planting olive trees on agricultural land that had been confiscated by the settlement near the village several months ago.

Following a call from Stop the Wall and Agricultural Relief, volunteers from the village, joined by several international solidarity activists, headed to the confiscated land, which totals some 60 dunums, in the afternoon. They began to plant olive trees, re-plowing the land that had been plowed and planted with grain by settlers.

After a half hour of work, Occupation forces and a group of armed settlers arrived, insulting and threatening those present with their weapons, demanding that they leave the area. Settlers beat one young man with batons in the chest, leaving him injured. Soldiers detained five volunteers, and threatened the rest that if they refused to vacate the area, then the five would be arrested. As such, volunteers were forced to leave, and the detainees were released soon after.

The settlements of Eli and Shilo are built on the land of Jalud and the surrounding villages.