Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – February 18
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – February 18

Al Nabi Saleh: 5 injured, 7 arrested, houses hit by chemical water and tear gas

Occupation forces arrested five international activists and two Palestinian demonstrators while wounding five others during Friday’s protest, which marked the 42nd anniversary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

The march set off from the center of al Nabi Saleh and was immediately attacked by soldiers, who sprayed jets of vomit-inducing chemical water and rained tear gas on protestors in the built-up area of the village. Occupation forces also raided several homes, with snipers taking control of rooftops, and targeted homes with tear gas canisters.

Clashes raged on for hours, leaving five demonstrators injured, among them 14-year-old boy who was hit by a tear gas round in the hand. Soldiers also were able to arrest several Palestinians from the nearby villages who had joined the protest, and along with the international activists, where taken to an unknown location.

Al Ma’sara: Weekly march tear gassed by soldiers

Dozens of people suffered from tear gas inhalation when Occupation forces attacked the weekly march in al Ma’sara commemorating the anniversary of the DFLP.

Residents of al Ma’sara, accompanied by international activists and members of the DFLP, marched from the village school to the isolated land carrying Palestinian and party flags while chanting for an end to Palestinian division and for the fall of the Occupation.

Occupation soldiers were waiting at the edge of the village, and when protestors arrived they were met by tear gas and sound bombs. Some responded with stones, and clashes occurred between demonstrators and soldiers.

Marking the 42nd anniversary of the party, a representative from the DFLP spoke at the demonstration, commending al Ma’sara’s commitment to the popular resistance. Members of the local committee also spoke, saluting the revolutions in Egypt and Tunis and calling for a similar popular revolution in Palestine, emphasizing that it is critical to tear up all so-called peace agreements, from Oslo to Camp David.

Nil’in: “End the division! Overthrow the Occupation!”

Nearly 300 people from Ni’lin prayed on threatened village land near the Wall before taking part in the weekly march, under the banner of “ending the division and overthrowing the Occupation”.

Marchers made their way through the village toward the Wall carrying Palestinian flags and shouting slogans in support of Palestinian unity against the Occupation. When they reached the Wall, soldiers fired round upon round of tear gas, and a number of protesters were treated in the field for tear gas inhalation. Soldiers also attempted to ambush and arrest protestors, but were failed to do so.

Bil’in: Village commemorates 6th year of resistance