Occupation authorities arrest Hebron popular resistance activist
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Occupation authorities arrest Hebron popular resistance activist

From Youth Against Settlements, Hebron:

On March 1st Israeli occupation authorities arrested the human rights and popular resistance activist Issa Ismail Amro, 30, after calling him in for interrogation at the Israeli police station near Kiryat Arba.

Before his arrest, Amro said an Israeli police officer phoned him in the afternoon to come in for questioning at the police station as soon as possible. The officer threatened to raid his house that night if he did not appear for questioning.

Amro went to the police station at 5:00 PM. He was questioned, and then transferred to Kafar Asiyun Military Detention Center.

Amro is an activist in the organization Youth Against Settlements, a non-partisan youth organization active in non-violent popular resistance against settlement activity. He has been arrested a number of times during the last year by the occupation authorities, who tried to invent accusations against him.

In other news, an Israeli military court in Ofer Military Detention Center decided to prolong the detention of the journalist and youth activist Mahmoud Widah Al-Jabari, 20, until next Thursday. Al-Jabari appeared before the military court yesterday for the first time following his arrest during his coverage of the events of the peaceful demonstration calling for the opening of Shuhada Street in Hebron on Friday, Feb. 25. The journalist works as the editor of the website “Al-Jazira Tok”, in addition to his activities in a number of local and international youth programs and organizations.