Explanatory statement on the rationale of March 15
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Explanatory statement on the rationale of March 15

After a lot of talk recently about the history of March 15 we, the youth groups participating in the organization and preparation March 15th activities, want to explain several points:

While the basic title for the activities discusses ending the division, we emphasize that ending the division must be based on conditions determined by the Palestinian people, and we stress the necessity of the immediate release of all political prisoners by the authorities as the first step. However, we as youth demand a radical solution and not the maintenance of the status quo.

First of all, we demand that elections for a new National Council of the PLO are held and that they are based on new electoral mechanisms that guarantee the complete participation of all parts of the Palestinian people around the world (the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians inside the Green Line, the refugees, and Palestinians in the Diaspora). This demand brings a body to represent the Palestinian people wherever they are found in order to express the aspirations of the Palestinian people, especially the importance of moving from this current, defeatist phase to a national liberation movement that employs all means of resistance against the Zionist entity in order to secure all inalienable Palestinian rights, especially the right to self self-determination, to end the occupation, colonization, and racial discrimination against our people in ’48 Palestine, and the right of return as enshrined in international, legal resolutions.

We are cautious of attempts by some groups to endorse the activities of the fifteenth of March in the interest of partisan political goals, especially by some youth organizations, political parties and governments that are trying to contain the activity of the youth and “legitimize” themselves by attempting to portray the actions as if they themselves organized them. We emphasize that the movement of the fifteenth of March is a popular movement, not following any faction or organization, and belongs to the young men and women demonstrators.

Finally, we call upon all segments of the Palestinian people, especially young people, to take to the streets on the fifteenth of March and to raise the Palestinian flag only, without banners or flags or party colors, to emphasize the refusal to endorse party goals or demands or otherwise. This is our day to clearly demand elections for the Palestinian National Council as a beginning to reorganize our ranks internally and rebuild our national project with the aim of resisting Israeli oppression in all its forms.