End to the division and inclusive PNC elections
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End to the division and inclusive PNC elections

Our primary goal is to end all forms of Zionist injustice and oppression, including the end of the occupation and the apartheid regime, in order to achieve true justice, and the return of all Palestinians. In order to achieve this goal, we call for the following:

1) Elections for the Palestinian National Council [of the Palestine Liberation Organization] which guarantees representation of all Palestinians regardless of their location, and ensures a change of the current election system and the mechanisms for decision-making and accountability.

2) Practical steps towards ending the divisions which has led to violence and repression; and to ensure freedom for all Palestinians. This would include the release of all political detainees in Palestinian prisons to be implemented under the control and supervision of the institutions of the Independent Commission for Human Rights.

3) An end to media incitement in all its forms, especially via the television channels and websites of the parties.

4) We announce the continuation of the sit-in on al-Manara Square and we invite the youth in the other regions to continue their sit-ins, and mobilizations with us in al-Manara. We call on the regions that did not start mobilizing yet, to announce(or “to Launch ongoing sit-ins, in their regions” ). We call on all Palestinians to stand in solidarity with the young people in the sit-ins throughout the regions.

Long live Palestine, free like its sons and daughters