Land Day actions in the West Bank
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Land Day actions in the West Bank

The popular committees with the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign will commemorate Land Day on March 30, which is marked internationally as a global BDS day. The following activities will be held for Land Day in all districts of the West Bank from March 23 – April 05.

Nablus district
– Boycott actions
– Television spot about Land Day

Bethlehem district
– March in al Ma’sara
– March in al Walaja
– March in Wad Rahal
– Tree planting campaign around Beit Jala
– Film presentation on the Wall and settlements in the city of Bethlehem

Hebron district
– Boycott actions
– March in the old city of Hebron
– Planting seedlings in Idna
– Planting seedlings in Susiya
– Planting seedlings in Beit Ula
– Various activities in all parts of the old city, in particular around the Ibrahimi mosque, Shuhada Street, Tel Rumaida, and central activities in Susiya

Qalqilya district
– March to Habla gate
– Boycott campaign actions in Qalqilya city
– Planting seedlings in Jinsafut

Jenin district
– Sit in calling for national unity with the participation of Palestinians from the ’48 under the slogan, “the people want to end the division”
– March in ‘Anin
– Planting seedlings in Zabuba
– Planting seedlings in Jalama
– Television spot about Land Day

Jordan Valley
– Tour, including Jiftlk, Tubas and al Aqaba, for activists with the participation of civil society organizations and the boycott committee in the Valley.

Salfit district
– Planting seedlings – Qarawat Bani Hassan
– March in Izbit Adam, Sarta (near Burkan)
– Planting seedlings in Dir Istiya
– Activities confronting the high cost of living in Salfit city
– Boycott actions in al Zawiya

Tulkarm district
– Boycott actions
– Television spot about Land Day

Ramallah district
– Planting seedlings in Safa
– March in Ni’lin
– March in al Nabi Saleh
– Seminar about Land Day in Ni’lin
– Television spot about Land Day
– Strengthening the boycott of Israeli goods campaign and activating it in a number of villages with the participation of young men and women.