Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – March 25
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – March 25

Al Nabi Saleh: Arrests and injuries as Occupation forces continue to repress resistance

Occupation forces opened fire with tear gas and metal-coated rubber bullets on protestors today in al Nabi Saleh, injuring several demonstrators, in addition to arresting more than a dozen.

Soldiers took over the roofs of several homes, as well as the village cultural center, targeting protestors from above as well as from the street. Three demonstrators were shot with rubber-coated bullets, among them a child.

Occupation forces also arrested more than a dozen protestors at the demonstration. Adi Tamimi and photographer Bilal Tamimi, both from al Nabi Saleh, were arrested along with 12 solidarity activists. Soldiers especially targeted journalists and international activists participating in the demonstration, and also targeted ambulances in an attempt to further isolate the struggle of al Nabi Saleh.

Bil’in: Three injured during weekly demonstration

Three demonstrators were injured today when Occupation forces fired on the anti-Wall protest in the village of Bil’in.

Called for by the Bil’in Popular Committee to Resist the Wall and Settlements, local residents were joined by international and Israeli solidarity activists in addition to youth from the March 15 movement against the division.

Protestors carried Palestinian flags and posters of Bil’in’s martyrs, Basem and Jawaher Abu Rahmah as they headed toward the Wall. Calling for national unity and freedom for the prisoners, marchers shouted, “The people want to end the division! The people want to end the occupation!”

Reaching the Wall, protestors were met by lines of soldiers who blocked their path. Occupation forces were also deployed along the path of the Wall, along with the police vehicle used to spray chemically treated water.

When protestors tried to pass, soldiers opened fire. There were cases of vomiting and fainting from the effects of the chemical water and tear gas. Several people suffered facial injuries when they came into close contact with tear gas. Another young man was shot with pellets in the leg.

Photos from Bil’in







Photos: Iyas Abu Rahmah