Israeli Occupation Forces Invade Wadi Qana
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Israeli Occupation Forces Invade Wadi Qana

Israeli occupation forces invaded on Monday Wadi Qana in the south of Nablus after being declared a “military closed zone” and held a number of citizens from the nearby town of  Deir Esta while bulldozing around 450 olive trees and destroying 3 donoms ready to be planted.

Wadi Qana has been declared a closed military zone since this morning with a checkpoint erected to prevent the people from getting to their land.

Rezik Abu Mansour, “coordinator of the Popular committee against the wall in the area,” said that the citizens were allowed into their land only after the occupation forces ended its mission.

Twenty-five of the uprooted trees belong to Shekh Yousef and another 40 belongs to a man called Mokbel SHada Awad, while the 3 donoms belongs to Rezik Abu Naser.