Scores of Activists Call for Boycott of Israeli Goods in Ramallah
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Scores of Activists Call for Boycott of Israeli Goods in Ramallah

More than forty activists, at the invitation of the Palestinian, Grassroots, Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign with the participation of the Independent Youth Movement, sit at al-Manara Square in Ramallah after a field trip to local shops. At the shops, demonstrators called for the participation of the shop owners, traders, and citizens to boycott the goods of the occupation and settlement institutions.
Holding various slogans, including messages such as “Do not pay for their bullets!” and “Boycott their goods, boycott their terror” among others, allows for the participants of the demonstration to speak directly with the citizens of Ramallah about the need to address the Occupation and its products. In the name of the blood of the martyrs, in the name of the Palestinian political prisoners of the occupying state, and in response to the abuses practiced daily against our people, the youth sent a message to the people of Ramallah.

The participants emphasized the necessity to continue the boycott campaign so that the Occupation “culture” can be erradicated by the Palestinian people. This campaign will be implemented in all provinces of Palestine.

The organizers of the campaign said that this activity falls within the range of activities in various provinces in the month of Ramadan. Demonstrations began in Tulkarm and were also held the following day at the Bethlehem checkpoint at the dome. They will continue the campaign until after Ramadan in other forms.