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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Weekly Protests in the West Bank Support 18th Day of Prisoner Hunger Strike

Occupation forces faced the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlement with tear gas bombs and sound bombs which caused many suffocation cases among the protesters.

This week, all the weekly demonstrations were in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their open hunger strike, now in its 18th day.

The protesters held signs, called to end the occupation which steals Palestinian lands in order to build more settlements, and called to stop the occupation oppression against the Palestinian prisoners. They also called to achieve real unity between both authorities in Gaza and the West Bank. They expressed their happiness for those 1027 prisoners who will be released in the prisoners exchange between Israel and Hamas.

The Israeli occupation forces prevented the people in Nilin to enter their land that is located behind the wall to harvest their olives. They burned large areas of communal lands in Bilin and Kufur Qaddom and beat many protesters at al Masara which caused clashes between both sides.

The spokesperson in Kufur Qaddom committee said: "We will continue our weekly demonstration until we force the occupation forces to open the main street, which has been closed for nine years."


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