Four-thousand Acres in al-Negev under Siege by Settlers
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Four-thousand Acres in al-Negev under Siege by Settlers

After the displacement of almost 30,000 Arabs from their unrecognized villages in the Negev, many facts are coming out of the lands that they are being given to special Jewish farms which have spread in al-Negev. These facts were revealed after the Israeli farmer “Shai Dromi” put a siege around 4,000 acres which related to “his farm”.

“Shai Dromi” was known in 2007 when he killed a Palestinian by shooting him and then claiming that he was about to steal his farm. He was acquitted and the Israeli Knesset passed a new law dubbed “Dromi,” which allows those exposed to attempted robbery of their homes to defend themselves violently without having to bear criminal responsibility.

“Dromi” put a siege around 4,000 acres this week after getting a permission from the Israeli agriculture ministry, which said that the land was given to him 15 years earlier.

The only objection to this was from the environmental protection authority, which said that the siege affects the movement of wild animals and free movement of trekkers and amateur cyclists.

A report for the newspaper “Yedihoth Ahronoth” mentioned that “Dromi” received permission to put a siege on 4,000 acres given to him as lands for grazing cattle, but neither the newspaper nor the ministry mentioned the space of lands given to the farmstead itself.