Bring Down the Walls Week in the US: November 14 – 18
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Bring Down the Walls Week in the US: November 14 – 18

From the iconic sites of the Israeli wall and the US/Mexico border, we are witnessing a world-wide proliferation of walls and reinforcement of borders. These not only delimitate the nation state but proliferate in its interior, reproducing social divisions along lines of race, class and gender, and reflecting and reinforcing existing power relations.

From November 14th till November 18th, Students for Justice in Palestine, Mechxa and the Bring Down the Walls DeCal organized a week of public events to analyse, discuss and deconstruct the ideological, political and economic infrastructure which allows walls to exist.


Mural Painting on Sproul Plaza!
Performances and speakers

Bringing down the walls from theory to action!
Ramon Quintero & Ilaria Giglioli, co-facilitators of the Bring down the Walls! DeCal
Keith Fieldman, professor in Ethnic Studies
Maria Lewis, activist with Students for Justice in Palestine

From Berkeley to Palestine – the right to education
Mira Nabulsi, Palestinian Researcher and Graduate of An-Najah National University, Nablus- Palestine.
MEChxA members
Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Students for Justice in Palestine & Budget Cuts activist

Beyond the walls of prisons
Hatem Bazian, professor in Ethnic Studies
Alejandro Garcia, graduate student in History

Borders, militarism and the environment
Rodrigo Sierra, graduate student at UNAM Ecology Institute
Irene Bonilla, environmental activist
Ziad Abbas, Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance
Nancy Hernandez, Water Writes Mural Project Manager at The Estria Foundation

Film Screening of Salt of the Sea