Call for the WSF Free Palestine, November 2012
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Call for the WSF Free Palestine, November 2012

Gathered at the Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes for the First National Encounter on Palestine, the Palestinian National Committee and the Brazilian National preparatory committee we launched the WSF Free Palestine, to be held in November 2012 in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

This call follows the decision of the International Council of the WSF in May to support the project of a WSF on Palestine as well as extensive consultation in Brazil including the federal and national governments as well as the commitment to the event of the Coordination of the Social Movements in Brazil.

We commit to work together to ensure that the WSF Free Palestine will be a global meeting of solidarity with Palestine based on broad-based popular and civil society mobilization in Brazil and across the world that will show the strength and diversity of solidarity with the calls of the Palestinian people for justice based on Palestinian rights. The WSF Free Palestine aims to be a space for discussion, strategizing and planning able to respond to the global challenge represented by the ongoing wars and occupations as well as the ongoing popular struggles in Palestine and the Arab world.

We call on all organizations, movements, networks and unions across the globe to support this effort and to join us to ensure that the success of the event and to bring solidarity with Palestine on a new global scale.