Seizure Notices in Jerusalem, Salfit and Bethlehem
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Seizure Notices in Jerusalem, Salfit and Bethlehem

The occupation forces issued notices to take over about 1161 acres of land in the northwest villages of Jerusalem under the pretext of “military purposes“ as atated in the seizure orders.

These orders came in a series of confiscations of land and demolition decisions in the northwest of Jerusalem, which suffers from the Apartheid Wall that suffocates the villages and towns of the region economically and residential in an attempt to isolate and displacement of the Palestinian people. 
Also in Wad Alnees town in Bethlehem district, the occupation forces decided to confiscate 50 acres related to the Palestinians, in order to build a “commercial crossing” between the West Bank and the Israeli side of the wall.
In the town of Skaka in Salfit district, the occupation forces informed the people of the confiscation of 170 dunums of land for “Areil” settlement.