Occupation Forces Suppress Weekly Protests and Arrest Activists
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Occupation Forces Suppress Weekly Protests and Arrest Activists


Dozens were suffocated and cased serve vomiting in the weekly protest in Bilin due to the suppression by the occupation forces who shot the protesters with tear gas bombs and metal bullets covered with rubber. They also sprayed them with sewage water mixed with chemicals.

The popular committee called to expand the popular resistance to open the checkpoints, open closed streets, and tear down the Apartheid Wall and settlements. It also highlighted the importance of Palestinian unity to end the occupation.

Kufur Qaddom

Occupation forces suppressed the weekly march in Kufur Qaddom village, which came under the title “Friday Response” to the settlement expansion and the building of more settlement units in “Qadomem” settlement on the village land. The protest was also in response to the judaization of Jerusalem and the deportation of the indigenous aboriginals. Occupation forces fired poison tear gas bombs towards the protesters. They boarded up a house owned by Adnan Abdu T-Mahdi, surrounded his family in one room, and prevented them from using any communication.

al Nabi Saleh

The occupation forces rained the protesters in al Nabi Saleh weekly protest with tear gas bombs and metal bullets and wastewater mixed with chemicals, which caused suffocation cases. The occupation forces also closed the entrance of the village from the early morning and announced it as a closed military area, which didn’t prevent the protesters from marching.

The popular committee in the village condemns the raiding of the village houses the night before, tampering with its contents, assaults on old men and women, and threats to children. They also condemn the arrests of three young men, Khaled Attalla who was released after 6 hours, Mahdi Abdulwahab Altamimi, and 16-year-old Anan Naji Tamimi. The popular committee said that despite everything, they will continue.

al Masara

The occupation forces suppressed the weekly march by closing the roads. Despite bad weather, the protesters continued their march and sent their regards to Kufr Aldeek, the village which recently entered the popular struggle with weekly protests against the Apartheid Wall and settlements. They also called for the creation of popular committees in all the villages, refugee camps, and cities.