Palestinian youth to France: “Stop financing the killing of our people”
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Palestinian youth to France: “Stop financing the killing of our people”

Two protests have been held today in Palestine to protest a French-Israeli military deal. A wide variety of youth organizations has organized the protests to oppose the French acquisition of $500 million worth of drones from Israeli Airspace Indistries.


Some 30 people gathered in Jerusalem in front of the French consulate and only hours later some 50 people protested in Ramallah in front of the French cultural center.


The activists targeting the French institutions to express their outrage against French complicity with the Israeli military and Israeli war crimes held up banners calling for an immediate military embargo against Israel and for a boycott of Israel. They shouted slogans denouncing this latest deal betwen Israel and the French government.


Aghsan Barghouti, a youth activist, comments: “We are gathering here to tell the French government that this drones deal is a show of utter disrespect of international law and they should stop immediately buying Israeli weaponss that are killing the Palestinian people. By buying these Israeli military products they are supporting the killing of the Palestinian people: we need a full and comprehensive military embargo on Israel now!”


On 20 July the French Ministry of Defence took the decision to buy from Israel more than 318 million euros worth of war weapons. Reportedly, this decision has now been approved by the French parliament. However, in France, activists and solidarity organizations have launched a widespread campaign to oppose this deal.


Further roll-on protests are planned for the coming weeks in other Arab countries in front of French institutions.


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