News from Al khader Village
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News from Al khader Village

The occupation bulldozers razed vast areas of agriculture land today March 22 in Al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem.
According to the coordinator of the popular committee of Stop the Wall, Ahmed Salah, the land owner Khalil Abdbul-Rahman was surprised when he entered his farm near the settlement of ‘Daniel’, which the occupation built on the land of the village.
An area of about 20 acres was razed. This area was planted with olive and almond trees.
Salah said that lately there is a clear escalation of attacks by the occupation forces and settlers against that area near the settlements of ‘Eliezer’ and ‘Daniel’. He cited the destruction of hundreds of olive saplings and the confiscation of agricultural equipment as well as the fact that the occupation authorities have extended prohibitions to enter their land to cultivate it to even more families.
The goal of all these violations of Palestinian rights is to slowly push them to leave the area as life becomes unsustainable. This forced displacement would then give more space and land for the nearby settlements to expand on.
Ahmad Salah further mentioned that as in other recent episodes of settler violence, the settler leader Nadia Matar is heading the settler attacks in the area within a campaign that started over three years ago.