Weekly Report 25.5.12
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Weekly Report 25.5.12

Nabi Saleh: The information office of the popular committee in Nabi Saleh reported that 3 children, Mahmoud Shaker al-Tamimi (14 years), and Islam al-Tamimi (16 years), and Muhammad Bilal al-Tamimi (11 years), were wounded by rubber coated bullets during the weekly demonstration against land theft. Dozens of other Palestinian and international activists suffered from tear gas inhalation and were sprayed with chemical imbued water, while they protested the continued expansion of settlements on land belonging to the village, the continuing occupation and the continued silence of the International community. As dozens of dunams of the village's land burned, the crowd waved dozens of Palestinian flags and called for unity amongst all Palestinian factions and organizations to resist the occupation.


Bil'in: the popular committee in Bil'in reported that occupation forces deliberately burned dozens of olive trees on the village's land, as they suppressed the weekly demonstration against the wall and continuing settlement expansion. Tear gas was used in attempts to disperse demonstrators protesting the annexation of village lands, and the Israeli forces burned once again tens of dunams of village land close to the wall, a tactic designed to obtain control of the land from the villagers.


Beit Nuba: Fire crews and villagers battled fires in the wheat fields of Beit Nuba, west of Ramallah, during a demonstration against the continued policy of house demolitions and repeated unjustified attacks on Palestinian's human rights, against which there are few ways to resist. Villagers reported that participants in the march were bombarded with tear gas, flash bang grenades and rubber coated bullets, leading to the temporary suffocation of dozens of activists.


Al Masara: Three protestors were injured during the weekly march against the Wall and land confiscation as a result of the occupation forces' repression. Stop the Wall spokesman for the Bethlehem area, Mohammed Briggah, reported that soldiers assembled at the entrance to the village, preventing Palestinian and International activists from accessing confiscated land close to the Wall.


Kafr Qaddom: Tear gas, used by the occupation forces to repress the weekly protest in Kafr Qaddom, caused some activists to faint and many others to have severe breathing difficulties. The protestors were demanding that the main road to the village, closed for more than 10 years, be re-opened immediately and that settlements be immediately removed. Stop the Wall co-ordinator, Murad Shteiwi, said that tear gas, flash bang grenades and rubber coated bullets were fired at demonstrators in attempts to disperse the crowd. He added that policies such as arbitrary arrests, night raids and the isolation of the town through the road closure would not deter townspeople from continuing to organize marches against the Wall, settlements and occupation.