Voluntary work in solidarity with the farmers in Qana Valley and the old city of hebron
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Voluntary work in solidarity with the farmers in Qana Valley and the old city of hebron

The Stop the wall campaign in cooperation with the Farkha International yearly camp organized a march in solidarity with farmers who are on their land in the valley Qana. Qana is located close to Deir Istiya in Salfit district and is one of the spots of the West Bank that was first ethnically cleansed from its Palestinian population and  its nature devastated by the Israeli settlement project. Today Wadi Qana is completely isolated by the Wall and is surrounding 9 settlements, with a total population of over ten thousand settlers. More than 120 local volunteers participated in the march from all over the West Bank and the occupied territories of 48.  A group of international peace activists have protested against the attacks by settlers on the area that is outlined for confiscation.


Stop the wall and the International Camp in Farkha village organized over 200 volunteers. The volunteers were received by the cities committee's popular campaign. A delegation from the Committee on the rebuilding of Hebron worked with the volunteers, where the focus was on the markets and streets of the old city. They also presented a short film about the old city in both Arabic and English. The volunteers were divided in three groups, two groups cleaning the streets and the third group painting walls.


Mr. Baker Hammad , the director of the International Farkha camp said that this work is important to keep up the spirit of volunteerism in Palestine, especially in the Hebron area and  areas where there is direct contact with settlers. Volunteer Nora Abu Eid from the city of Tulkarem was very pleased to participate, especially in the city of Hebron and called on all officials to make this a bigger priority.


Volunteer Burhan Qararya from the city of Jenin, said "the only way to stand up to barbaric settlers in Hebron is the full solidarity of people from the far north of the West Bank to the south, and to remind everyone of that which has perhaps been forgotten: that the city of Hebron is a Palestinian city and that this, and the rights of its inhabitants, are non negotiable."


The people of the old city are exposed to settler attacks on a daily bases. The owners of the shops in were very appreciative of the work done by the volunteers. They provided the volunteers with food and water and said that the work done by the volunteers strengthen their businesses, and the struggles of the old city.