Newsletter (August ed.): World Social Forum – Free Palestine
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Newsletter (August ed.): World Social Forum – Free Palestine

Here is what's new for the WSF Palestine. Please share with your networks and see you in November 2012!

Key Facts to join the WSF Free Palestine

From November 28 to December 1 2012 the World Social Forum “Free Palestine” will be held in Porto Alegre (Brazil). This is a historic event that brings together solidarity, human rights and social justice movements and organizations from across the globe to develop and debate ideas, share experiences, network and plan strategies and campaigns to advance solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian liberation.  
To see the full call for the WSF Free Palestine, click here.
To see the Palestinian Reference Document for the WSF Free Palestine, click here
Thematic Axes: The thematic axes are aimed to give orientation to the overall program of the World Social Forum Free Palestine. When submitting your self-organized events, you will be asked to register them in one of these axes contributing to the discussions of one of these themes.
5 Steps to get involved: The WSF Free Palestine is a process of global mobilizing, networking and strategizing and planning of joint action of which the four days event in Porto Alegre is a crucial moment of gathering and implementation. Learn five simple steps to joining this process. 
Promote the WSF Free Palestine: Support the mobilizing effort for the WSF Free Palestine by posting alerts for the WSF on your sites and blogs, sending notices on your mailinglists and linking to the WSF Free Palestine website with one of our link buttons. 


Justice for Rachel and for Palestine Media Action Day, August 28

To remember Rachel and to mobilize for the World Social Forum Free Palestine (28th November to the 1st December 2012), a media action day was held on 28th of August. Alegre. 
On August 28, Israel was tried for the murder of the woman who was crushed 9 years ago by a bulldozer that demolished Palestinian homes. People around the world protest demanding justice and an end to Israeli occupation. Three months before the start of the World Social Forum Free Palestine (November 28 and December 1), a historic global event that is built by dozens of civil society organizations in Brazil, Palestinian and the world in general, the date highlights the urgency of this initiative. 
We demand justice for Rachel and for Palestine!
Join! Notify your network.
# wsfpalestine # rachelcorrie
For more see, click here.


Calls for the WSF Free Palestine 

Join Or Create Self-Organized Spaces:
Join or create self-organized spaces: With only 3 months to go…the countdown is running. An enormo
us amount of effort has already been undertaken to lay the basis for a powerful and effective WSF Free Palestine event. We ask you now to work together with us to step up mobilization!
The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel calls on academics, students and artists around the world to mobilize in support of the WSF Free Palestine.
"We believe that the oppression of communities here in the U.S. is caused by the same corporations, the same geopolitical interests and the same political forces that are driving apartheid in Palestine." 
Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, Pinkwatching Israel, and alQaws – for sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society – are working with Palestinian partners to establish the formal structure of this year’s forum.
The Independent Youth Movement  asks youth around the globe to join in the effort to create a vibrant youth space within the WSF “Free Palestine”, where we can develop our plans and to make our voice heard. Let’s work together to build a new generation of solidarity.




Endorsements of the WSF Free Palestine


International Coordination Committee Supports The WSF Free Palestine – click to see the list of supporters so far

Europe Supports The World Social Forum Free Palestine

Declaration Of The Assembly Of Social Movements, Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil


Foro Social Mundial Palestina Libre