Call for action: Join this year’s Olive harvest!
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Call for action: Join this year’s Olive harvest!

Ten years ago, Israel started to build its apartheid Wall that effectively isolates much of the Palestinianolive groves and agricultural lands. The International court of Justice has declared the Wall illegal and defined the legal obligations of the international community to stop the Wall’s construction Last year the Israeli authorities announced to the United Nations their plans to ethnically cleanse Area C from Palestinians. This year they have effectively started to implement this plan – a combined action of administrative orders, military force and settler violence. The international community stands still deaf, mute and blind.

Yet, Palestinians are resisting and the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers to claim their lands and to continue to take risks and hardship to sustain their families is an essential part of this resistance. Show your solidarity by participating in this year’s olive harvest!


The season starts from 12 October and lasts until November 3

The olive harvest will be in many locations in the West Bank, including Tulkarem, Jenin, Nablus, Betlehem.


The olive harvest is a source of living for many Palestinian families over the year.

As every year many Israeli settlers are expected to attack the farmers while Israeli military stops Palestinians from arriving to theirs lands. Thousands of olive trees have already be burned and uprooted by the Israeli occupation.


Your participation in the olive harvest to stand with the Palestinian people in this season will give us vital support in front of the Israeli occupation.


We will provide you with a place to stay with Palestinian families.


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