From Norway – in solidarity with Gaza
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From Norway – in solidarity with Gaza

From Norway – in solidarity
Gaza demonstrations November 17th

The Palestine Committee of Norway arranged several big and small demonstrations in support for our friends in Palestine, and especially the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, Saturday November 17th. In the main cities, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø, Lillehammer, Hamar, Narvik, but also in smaller towns, people met to condemn the attacks, the bombing, the killings of civilians, but also to protest against the Israeli occupation.

The slogans for the day were:
Stop Israelis terror on Gaza
End the blockade
Pressure on the occupier – not the occupied


More than 500 people met outside the Israeli Embassy in Norway

From the speeches:
Stein Guldbrandsen from The Norwegian Union of Municipal Workers:

“The occupier bears the responsibility!

Palestinians are now daily exposed to massive bombing and a threat of ground invasion from one of the largest military powers in the world. The blockade has made Gaza into the biggest open-air prison in the world, and 1.6 million Palestinians have for years lived under a reign of shortage. We must express disgust against Israelis terrorism and occupation that has endured for 64 years. Norway must take on the responsibility to push forward a peace solution which make it possible for Palestine to be an independent State.”

The whole situation in Gaza cannot be better expressed than this handwriting! Guldbrandsen concluded and quoted “I shot back” written by a Palestinian from Gaza.

Emad Rozzi from Gaza said this: “While I am talking to you now, the occupier is bombing Gaza with all kinds of missiles, air, ground, navy“ using most sophisticated means to terrorize the people in Gaza. Israel went into this operation for three reasons: Approaching Israeli elections; continuing their habit of terror and disturbing the UN upcoming recognition of Palestine. It is time to take Israel to International Court of Justice. I say yes for peace, dignity and independence. I say yes for resistance, for a Palestinian state. But say no for Israeli occupation, no for the Israeli terror and no for silence against the Crimes.

The Norwegian Government must make a clear response, the leader of the leftist party said. And Norway must do what Egypt is doing: Calling back the Ambassador in Israel. Next – demand from their Israeli friends for an immediate stop of military onslaught against Gaza.

Norway should vote for Palestine in the UN general Assembly in November, as well as follow the call from Norwegian People’s Aid and The Norwegian Union of Municipal Workers to clean up the fact that that Norwegian weapons are showing up in Israeli hands


Leader of the local LO’s international section Karim Essahli:
Foreign minister of Norway, Barth Eide, you must now stop pretending that this is a conflict between two equal parties, and make a clear condemnation of the Israeli bomb attacks in an area where the majority of the population are children.

A torch was lit the for every Palestinian killed so far.

Members of Palestine Committee handed out leaflets in a shopping centre. Many good discussions with many people.

In the northern Norway, where the sun has gone for the winter, 200 people attended.

And last:
The Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, well known from his reports to the whole world from inside al Shifa hospital in Gaza during the attacks in 2008-2009 is back in Gaza City, helping out in the medical crisis.

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