WSF Palestine Updates
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WSF Palestine Updates

Let’s stand together in solidarity with Gaza!

Let’s build solidarity for a free Palestine!

Probably never before have the last weeks of preparation for a WSF event been marked by such a strong sense of urgency and importance: Now more than ever we need to stand together, organize and show the strength of global solidarity with Palestine!

With shock and indignation and a deep sense of urgency, we have followed the criminal Israeli attacks on Gaza. By repeatedly breaking the truce with Gaza, Israel has willfully escalated the situation and then launched a military attack that has once again turned the tiny Gaza Strip – which is since over five years under an illegal and inhumane siege – into a living hell.

After a week of brutal military attacks, over 150 people have been killed in Gaza, 1000 people injured and some 10 thousand Palestinians have been temporarily displaced from their homes seeking refuge in UN shelters, bombings and missile attacks have been continuous.

In these times, it is the innumerable emergency protests organized around the globe and as well in South American cities such as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago and many other places that have sparked of hope and an impressive show of solidarity.

At a time when the United Nations have been unable to prevent the repeated attack on Gaza, the global media corporations have broadcasted once again the propaganda of the powerful – the WSF Free Palestine as a global citizens assembly is more needed than ever!

We are proud to be able to offer such vibrant, determined and urgent global solidarity movement the space to show that people all over the world are ready to stand up against Israeli wars, occupation, apartheid, blockades and walls. We are looking forward to a powerful mass mobilization here on the ground and forward leading discussions. We trust this WSF Free Palestine can amplify the expressions of this global mobilization and reinforce its power and effectiveness.


Latest WSF Free Palestine information:

  1. Porto Alegre WSF Free Palestine Map

To see the preliminary map of the WSF Free Palestine, click here: (please check back on the site for any last minute changes in the coming days!)

  1. Program of the self-organized activities

To see the program of the self-organized activities, please click here: (please check back on the site for any last minute changes in the coming days!)

  1. WSF Free Palestine Extended

The World Social Forum Free Palestine WSF-FP calls on all those that are today mobilizing in solidarity in their own countries to unite and reinforce the global solidarity by participating in the WSF Free Palestine Extended. By using the logo of the WSF Free Palestine in your actions and adopting the Reference Document of the WSF Free Palestine you can contribute to showing global unity for Gaza and a Free Palestine and draw attention to the goals and strategies that will be discussed and promoted during this Forum.

In order to know how to participate at the WSF Free Palestine Extended, please click here:

Be a part of the WSF Free Palestine wherever you stand up for Palestine: 28 November to 1 December 2012!

  1. Leaders of social movements reinforce the call for the World Social Forum Free Palestine

“Leaders of the Coordination of Social Movements (CMS) gathered on the afternoon of Thursday (25), in the Banking Federation of São Paulo (Fetec) to finalize the preparations for the event, which will be held in Porto Alegre-RS, 28 November to 1 December. Constituted by the major mass organizations of the country, such as the Central Workers Union (CUT), the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST) and the National Student Union (UNE), the CMS is committed to organize caravans across the country towards the state capital, enabling transportation and accommodation in solidarity to ensure "full and massive expression of solidarity." (

  1. Pay your registration fee

The payment of registration is a political call to self-sustainability of the World Social Forum Free Palestine, and is a contribution of all organizations and individuals participating in its construction. Aware of the different payment capacities of its participants in a scenario of economic crisis and dwindling resources internationally, the Organizing Committee of the WSF Free Palestine has stipulated different fees. For the amount you or your organization is required to pay and the guidelines for the payments, please check:

Bank account:

Banco do Brasil
Branch number: 3344-8
Account number: 23447-8
Organization responsible: CUT – Central Única dos Trabalhadores
Address: Rua Caetano Pinto nº 575 – Brás – São Paulo SP – Brasil – cep: 03041-000

IBAN: International Bank Account Number: 001334480000234478

Keep proof of payment: it will be required at the time of accreditation in Porto Alegre!

Attention: We ask international participants to pay their registration fees from now only on arrival in Porto Alegre.

  1. Online entry closed!

New registrations will be received directly in Porto Alegre, from November 28. More information on accreditation (location, opening hours etc.) will be available soon via email and in the next newsletter.