The Occupation Forces evict Bab Al Shams emcampment
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The Occupation Forces evict Bab Al Shams emcampment

 hundreds of occupation forces raided the Bab Al Shams village, destroyed the tents and beat up the activists, who have set the tents in an attempt to stop the occupation seizer of the land to expand illegal nearby settlements in an area Israel refers to as E1.


The activists represented with their lawyer have appealed to court to postpone the eviction of the village of Bab al-Shams (Gate of the Sun) and were given a six-day ultimatum. However, Israeli prosecutor claimed that the village must be brought down immediately due to security and legal reasons.


The Occupation police stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the eviction of Bab al-Shams and declared it a closed military area.

Palestinian parties condemned the raiding of Bab al-Shams and the attacks against the residents, considering it an ugly crime directed by Netanyahu.


Quoted from WAFA.