Second update on detention of Hasan Karajah
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Second update on detention of Hasan Karajah


Today, January 29 2013 the military court of the occupation forces had scheduled their second hearing since the arrest of the human rights defender and Stop the Wall youth coordinator Hassan Karajah.

Hassan once again was denied to see either his lawyer or his family and only after Hassan left the court room his lawyer was allowed to enter and to present his objection to the previous extension of Hassan´s detention. No decision was communicated today.

At the same time around 25 youth activists protested today in front of  Ofer prison, close to Ramallah demanding the immediate release of Hassan Karajah and all other Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.


At international level, protest actions have been organized in various places around the world. In the UK, War on Want has written a letter to the UK foreign office and consulate in Jerusalem and has started an e-action to pressure UK officials to pressure the Israeli authorities for the immediate and unconditional release of Hassan Karajeh and to seek assurances from Israeli authorities that his rights as a detainee will be fully respected for as long as he remains in custody. If you are a British citizen, please join the e-action at:

In Algeria, the Nebras Youth and Media Association in Balimore Municipality – Bourj Bouirij has issued the following solidarity statement:

“We've received the sad news of Palestinian Human Rights and Civil Society Activist Hassan Karajah's arbitrary arrest on Wed 23 Jan 2013 after the Israeli occupation army invaded violently Karajah's house in Safa, Ramallah, detaining Hassan for a so-called "investigation" which we know nothing further about.
As we highly condemn and refuse the Human Rights violations committed on our Palestinian occupied territories and against our fellow activists and Palestinian citizens, we the Nebras Youth Association, similarly to all Algerian youth who believe in this fair cause – the Palestinian cause – declare our full and continuous solidarity with the young detainee Hassan Karajah and all Palestinian detainees and prisoners in the Israeli Occupation Prisons. We stand in full solidarity reflecting our national and permanent support to the cause.”

In Lebanon, the Yaffa Scout Group in Nahr Al Barid refugee camp organized an activity in solidarity with Hassan Karajah. On a big paper, they took finger prints and wrote on it "Yaffa in solidarity with Hassan". The poster is now publicly displayed in the camp.

Please see and disseminate as well the video explaining Hassan´s arrest prepared by Palestinian youth: