Israel versus Abu Jamal’s cow
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Israel versus Abu Jamal’s cow

When colonial supremacy and racial hatred are entering into a perverse spiral of folly, then not even cows are safe anymore. Yesterday in the night, Israeli settlers tried to poison the only cow of Palestinian farmer Khalid Draghmeh. It was not the first time they attacked his livestock. Already a year ago, his horse got poisoned by the same settlers.  

 While a cow is hardly to be considered a “national security threat to the state of Israel”, it is one of the few sources of income for Khalid Draghmeh and Khalid Draghmeh’s steadfastness on his land is preventing one of the strategic settlement plans in the West Bank.

As part of a series of attacks against him, his family and his property, this morning Khaled Draghmeh "Abu-Jamal" was attacked by settlers trying to enter his home. While he was fighting to defend his home, another group of settlers broke the door of the shed his only cow was in. The settlers put poison in the fodder of the cow. Shortly after the attack Abu Jamal realized how the cow was swollen and blown up. He remembered that these were the same symptoms of the poison the settlers had given to his horse last year. He immediately called a veterinary and was able to save the cow in this bizarre battle between David and Goliath.

Abu Jamal’s cow was donated by a friend to guarantee him and his family a source of livelihood.  Abu Jaml and his family are living since years under continuous attack from settlers who aim to expel him from his land.

The incredible steadfastness and determination of Khaled Draghmeh and his family is detailed in the Stop theWall report that can be accessed at: