fourth update on Hassan Karajah’s detention
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fourth update on Hassan Karajah’s detention

Addameer reports on Hassan's case: "The Jalameh Military Court extended the detention and interrogation of activist and human rights defender HASSAN KARAJAH for 5 more days.His next hearing will be on Thursday 28 February 2013 in Ofer Military Court. The prosecution requested that his detention be extended eight days, which was reduced to 5 days. 

Addameer’s lawyer Samer Sama’an confirmed that Hassan has been subjected to long interrogations by the Shin Bet security forces in Jalameh, and that he is being interrogated by the same investigators that were involved in the martyr Arafat Jaradat’s case. 

Samer Sama’an also noted that the court was originally to be held in Salem Court, but at the last moment was transfered to Jalameh Court, meaning his family was barred from entering the court and seeing Hassan. Hassan’s family has only seen Hassan once since his arrest 31 days ago on 23 January 2013."


On Saturday it was revealed that Arafat Jaradat was killed by torture in Israeli jails. Arafat, a young man from Hebron was taken in the night from his home and arrested five days before Hassan. The pretext for his arrest was an Israeli claim that he had been throwing stones at cars from a nearby settlement in Hebron. Arafat leaves a pregnat wife and two children of 3 and 4 years behind. For more see:


Stop the Wall asks all organizations and activists to step up their mobilization in solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Palestinian prisoners in particular. In front of the cruel assassination of Arafat Jaradat, the agony of the Palestinian hunger strikers and the thousands of Palestinian prisoners like Hassan in Israeli jails, it is time for the world to stop the crimes. Where laws justify torture when "necessary", where a legal system regulates injustice, abuse and apartheid, the world needs to stop complicity.


Please take action and ask your governments at least to come and witness the farce of Israelitrials and legal systems at Hassan's new court hearing, Thursday, February 28.

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