Israeli gunfire kills two young Palestinians east of Tulkarem
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Israeli gunfire kills two young Palestinians east of Tulkarem



Late on Wednesday night clashes erupted at Einab checkpoint, east of Tulkarem in the Occupied West Bank, resulting in the death of two Palestinian teenagers. Security officials confirmed that Israeli soldiers opened fire with live bullets killing Amer Nassar , 17, instantly when several bullets hit him in the chest. His body was held by the Israeli Occupation Forces for several hours before finally being returned to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Later, another 18 year old Palestinian teenager Naji Balbesi, also died from his injuries sustained when the IOF opened fire and three others were injured.

This comes amidst widespread demonstrations throughout the Occupied West Bank following the death of 64 year old Palestinian prisoner Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh on Tuesday. Abu Hamdiyeh was diagnosed with throat cancer after he began to complain of throat problems nine months ago; after serving roughly 10 years of his prison sentence. Though the prison service attempted to secure his release on compassionate grounds this was denied and he was not transferred to a hospital until just two days before his death.

Photos of Abu Hamdiyeh shackled to his hospital bed caused many to condemn the actions of the Israelis including Issa Karakeh, the Palestinian prisoner affairs minister. He stated that Abu Hamdiyeh’s death was due to Israel’s “stalling over giving him the right to be treated following a late cancer diagnosis” and that it constituted a “vicious crime”.

Today, Thursday the 4th April, is the date of Abu Hamdiyeh’s funeral in his hometown of Hebron. The previously calm situation in this area has now become more volatile due to the violent actions of the IOF and it remains to be seen what further violence may occur.