Occupation forces dig up Khan al-Laban for the second time in a week
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Occupation forces dig up Khan al-Laban for the second time in a week

Israeli forces accompanied by officers from the Civil Administration surrounded Khan al-Laban on the 20th May and began digging under the pretext of “archeological excavations”. Khalid Daraghmeh, also known as Abu-Jamal, said that this is the second time within a week that the occupation forces have stormed Khan and started drilling operations.

Khan al-Laban is located on the Ramallah – Nablus historical road, which is a sensitive area. The occupation army and settlers have wanted to take this village for years due to its location between the two settlements Eilih and Ma’ale Levona.

It’s worth noting that Khalid Daraghmeh and his family have identification to prove their ownership of land in the Al Khan area but they have still faced repeated attacks by settlers for more than 8 years. The aim of these attacks is to pressure the family so much that they will leave the area.

The coordinator of the Popular Campaign Against the Wall and Settlements, Jamal Juma’, said that “what the settlers and the Civil Administration are doing is nothing but an attempt to confiscate Khan al-Laban; using “archaeological excavations” as a pretext. The occupation army is committing war crimes against a people who are isolated and robbed of their land and water and this ought to be stopped immediately. The Palestinian National Authority, the EU and other international bodies need to make a move to save the region. We call on the Palestinian people to stand with Khaled and others in Khan al-Laban and to support their steadfastness and continued presence on the land they are protecting”.