Monthly report issued by the Wall and Settlements Information Centre for June 2013
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Monthly report issued by the Wall and Settlements Information Centre for June 2013

Ramallah – 30/6/2013 – Monthly report issued by the Wall and Settlements Information Centre: 98 attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation forces and extremist settlers during June 2013

1 – Attacks by the Israeli occupation forces include:

  • Demolitions
    There were a total of 23 demolition operations throughout June, most of which were focused on the Jordan Valley. 9 of these operations took place in al-Ras al-Ahmar and al-Hadidiyeh in Tubas, 8 in al-Nuweima in Jericho and 3 houses were destroyed in Barta’a in Jenin. In addition to this, various Jerusalemites were forced to demolish their own homes (if they do not and the Israeli bulldozers come they are forced to pay for the use of the bulldozers) and a large agricultural area and greenhouses were destroyed in al-Khadr in Bethlehem.
  • Demolition notices
     57 demolition notices were distributed in June; 40 of them in the villages of Susiya, al-Samoa, al-Sura and al-Buqa’a in the Hebron district. There were also 11 notices issued in the city of Jerusalem and 6 notifications in Wadi Fukeen and al-Khadr in Bethlehem.
  • Settlement expansion
     June also saw the announcement of the construction of 3,341 new housing units. 1,000 units in Har Homa, 797 units in the settlement of Gilo, 675 units in the settlement of Itamar, 550 units in the settlement of Brochan, 300 units in the settlement of Ramot and 20 units in the settlement of Susiya.
  • Judaization of Jerusalem:
    At the same time the occupation authorities have continued with a process of “Judaizing Jerusalem” by approving the building of a huge settlement outpost in Wadi Hilweh, also known “correctly” as “Givati”.  Occupation authorities have also applied to the so-called District Committee for Planning and Building for permission to build an underground link of elevators and corridors between the Jewish Quarter in the old city and Buraq Square; along with a visitors centre due to the close proximity of the square to the commercial area. In addition to this the Israeli municipality is establishing an alternative connecting street between Jerusalem and the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.
  • Assaults on land and trees
    The occupation authorities and settlers have seized or damaged more than 1,014 dunams in total this month. 424 dunams were seized in Hebron and Nablus, 235 dunams were burned in the Nablus governorate, 175 dunams have been razed in Hebron and Bethlehem, 100 dunams have been evacuated in Bruqin in Salfit and 80 dunams have been seized in Rujeib and Awarta in the Nablus district. Furthermore, more than 355 trees have been cut, burned and washed away in the towns of Beit Ummar , Husan, Immatin and Qasra.
  • Suppression of peaceful marches
    Israeli occupation authorities continue to suppress marches against the wall and settlements in Nabi Saleh, al-Ma’asara, Bil’in, Ni’lin, Kafr Kadum, Beit Ummar and Iraq Burin, which has led to the injury of a large number of citizens and foreign peace activists.

2 – Attacks carried out by settlers include:

  • Assaults on people and their property
    Settlers have attacked more than 14 Palestinian citizens and punctured and burned more than 30 cars. They also tried to burn a stone saw in the village of Hawara as well as trying to steal Palestinian relics in the Wadi Rahal province of Bethlehem. Settlers also blocked the main roads in Palestinian communities like Za’tara and Yasuf Street in Salfit, and have made repeated intrusions into Al-Aqsa Mosque.