The Campaign “You’re not alone” in Kafr Labad & Bruqin
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The Campaign “You’re not alone” in Kafr Labad & Bruqin

9 10 2013  The Stop the Wall campaign, “You’re not Alone”, led in cooperation with the Farmers' Union and the Cooperative Association of Kafr Labad, implemented its activities to support local villagers during the olive harvest in the villages of Kafr Labad in Tulkarem and of Bruqin in Salfit.


Dozens of volunteers were involved in the olive harvest in "Al Hafasi" area in Kafr Labad, Tulkarem district which is in close proximity to the settlement "Ifni Havis" which has until now stolen most of the village's land.


The Volunteers worked to support and participate in the olive harvest. Their work took place in a problematic area which is adjacent to the settlement and the Apartheid Wall, a location and circumstance which has made life difficult for the locals in that it has enabled the settlers to repeatedly steal the crops belonging to the village. Suhail Salman, the coordinator of the popular committees in the campaign said that the Israeli Occupation Forces came to the area and photographed both the volunteers and villagers during the harvesting.


In the village of Bruqin, located in Salfit district, both Palestinians and international volunteers worked with the help of a family from the village to harvest the crops which are located in the area adjacent to the settlement of "Brochan ".


It is worth noting that these attacks from the settlers occur all throughout the year and are significantly increasing in intensity in conjunction with the start of the olive harvest season each year.