Occupation Forces carry out Demolishs in Jerusalem and nablus
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Occupation Forces carry out Demolishs in Jerusalem and nablus

"Oct 29 2013, Occupation forces demolish houses and water tanks in "Khirbet Twaiel southern  of Nablus, the occupation buldozers demolish two living rooms, and cheeps barracks belong to Ata Reihan, who live there, they also demolish a water well belong to

Yousef Nasralah   



In Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces this morning  demolished a residential building consisting of four floors in " Alashqaryia " due to lack of license as they claim, building owned by " Ameen Shweiki ", a large number of Israeli troops had accompanied the bulldozers of the municipality, which began demolition of the building inhabited by more than 20 individuals , without warning.
This comes within the political occupation government ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem , and continue the process of settlement expansion witnessed in the occupied territories almost daily , as it says in the newspaper "Maariv" and on 27 10 2013, that the President of the Government of the Israeli occupation , "Benjamin Netanyahu" announced the publication of a tender for the construction of 1,700 housing units in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.
According to the paper , ' will build 1,500 housing units in the settlement of ' Shlomo neighborhood ' in East Jerusalem, and 200 housing units in the West Bank