The third Day of Rage on the doors: Prawer will not pass
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The third Day of Rage on the doors: Prawer will not pass

National coalitions and youth call for a Day of Rage on November 30 in Negev, Haifa, Ramallah, Gaza and stressed in a statement distributed by the Herak Haifa, the convergence of forces in Haifa: "We will make our voice heard, strong and determined."

Youth movements and national coalitions issued a statement announcing a date for the third Day of Rage, on November 30 2013, against the "Prawer" plan, which will lead to the confiscation 800 thousand dunums of land in the Naqab (Negev), the displacement some 70,000 residents and the demolition of 38 unrecognized villages. The protests will be organized in the Day of Rage in the Negev, Haifa, Ramallah, Gaza. On the same day, vigils will be held in dozens of cities around the world.

The statement issued by the national movements and initiatives underlines that the Israeli government steps up its criminal scheme against the Palestinian people. Israel has this week announced a tender for the construction of 20 settlements on land that will be stolen within the framework of the "Prawer" plan. Some of these settlements will be built over the ruins of the villages which are to be demolished by the plan.

The statement said: "We went out on the fifteenth of July and first of August to the streets, we went united against the brutal police force, which injured elderly, women and children and arrested dozens.”

The statement continued: "Prawer will not pass – This is the word of our people, determined and unequivocal. As we filled the streets in the past, we will do so now. We will have one message: I cannot keep my humanity in this country if I stay quiet and inactive as long as only one family in the Naqab is still threatened with displacement. No one will enjoy freedom and dignity in this country, as long as we do not get our rights as Palestinians, especially as the inhabitants of the Naqab, to live free in our land, keep our houses, secure the future of our children and their happiness, and the protection of their right to health and education. We will not rest before we obtain full recognition and complete ownership of our historical land. There is no negotiation on this right."

This statement invites everybody to join in the activities, demonstrations and seminars against the Prawer plan, that are held in preparation of the Day of Rage. The statement concluded: "On 30 November, we will fill the streets to take the reins of our future in our hands, to protect our rights and our dreams for ourselves and our people – our unity national, and our courage will defy the police brutality, and the strength of our resolve will defend the essence of our cause and our freedom in this country: our ownership of our land.

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