German peace groups oppose further war ships to Israel
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German peace groups oppose further war ships to Israel

Germany has long since been providing Israel with costly weapons – mostly at half or less the market price – in order to continue its wars and apartheid policies.  
Recently, Israel has started an initiative for negotiations for three to four missile speedboats to integrate in its navy. Israel already has six German submarines able to carry nuclear weapons.  

Within the framework of a bigger effort to stop the deal to further arm Israeli apartheid, two important German peace groups – Pax Christi and IPPNW – have given out the statement below.

“The Catholic peace movement Pax Christi and the medical peace organization IPPNW ask federal minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) for a visible change in arms export policy. During the election campaign and in the coalition negotiations, the SPD (Social democratic party) had represented the goal not to allow arms exports to areas of tensions and to dictatorships more.

Therefore, the two peace organizations request Gabriel and the new federal government explicitly not to approve the ships currently desired by the Israeli navy and the Leopard tanks to Saudi Arabia. The general export of so-called small arms must also be drastically reduced. Just recently, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt had referred to them as ‘weapons of mass destruction of our time’.”