Activists Removed Israeli Flags from the bypass roads
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Activists Removed Israeli Flags from the bypass roads

 20 1 2014, a group of activists of  the Popular Resistance in Bethlehem removed flags from the Israeli bypass roads and the flags in front of the settlements, "Tekoa" and "Daniel."

Mohammed Briggah,  the coordinator of Stop the Wall Campaign in Bethlehem said that this event comes in the context of that 2014 will be the year of settlement and settlers resistance "to say goodbye the state of ease and comfort they feel.”

Hassan Briggah , the coordinator of the National Committee to resist settlement, emphasized that these events will continue to confirm our strong attachment to our land, rights and to the refusal of settlement expansion and that we will continue to face the daily attacks by settlers against our people and our land, also to confirm that the settlements are legitimate targets of the Popular Resistance.