Planting “Freedom Seedlings” activities continues.
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Planting “Freedom Seedlings” activities continues.

8 2 2014, Dozens of volunteers of Palestinians Farmers Union, Stop the Wall Campaign, Kafr al-Labad Association, and some farmers, planted olive seedlings in "Alhvasi" region, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Palestinian and Arab Society for the Protection of Nature .

They planted seedlings near "Ifni Havis" settlement, which was built on Alhvasi region lands and Shufa village in Tulkarm District. This event comes within the activities and projects carried out by the Farmers Union and its partners in this region, to confirm their persistence to provide all that is available to support the Palestinian farmer, and to challenge all forms of terrorism practiced by the occupation army and settlers against the people of the region in order to displace them, so it gets easier for the occupation to confiscate their lands. 

Abd Al Nasser Rajab, the president of Kafr al-Labad Association, confirmed that they will continue fighting against settlers' attempts to confiscate their land; and thanked the Farmers' Union, the Arab Society and the Ministry of Agriculture for their efforts. 

Suhail Al Salman, the committees coordinator of Stop the Wall, emphasized on the essential role that these activities play in support of the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmers in their lands, facing occupation's policies.