Occupation forces suppress the activities of the 38th anniversary of eternal land day in occupied Palestine.
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Occupation forces suppress the activities of the 38th anniversary of eternal land day in occupied Palestine.

31 3 2014 Israeli occupation forces suppressed the demonstrations, which began in various Palestinian


Occupied territories since 1948, and occupied west bank to commemorate the 38th anniversary of land Day.  Thousands have participated in land day demonstration in the cities of Araba, and Sakhnin to commemorate the 38 anniversary of land day; and they laid wreaths on the memorial of land day martyrs, condemning the policies of Israeli government towards Palestinians and emphasizing the continued existence of the causes of land day uprising to this day.



In Jerusalem, occupation forces suppressed the land day demonstration that started in front of Damascus Gate; suppression caused many injuries due to the use of tear and sound gas, rubber-coated metal bullets and poisonous pepper gas that caused face burns  to a lady during her participation in the vigil organized for the same occasion, and during which leaflets on the eternal land day were distributed , also dozens of participants in the events were arrested.


In Hebron, Occupation forces used wastewater and all other means to suppress the events to commemorate the 38 anniversary of land day. Israeli army fired rubber-coated metal bullets, tear and sound gas towards the demonstration organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Ummar village, which was launched toward Main Street between the village and the city of Hebron; they dispersed the demonstrators using wastewater, they also suppressed a demonstration which began in "Al-Raas" area east of the city near " Kiryat Arba " settlement and was organized by Hebron Defense Committee  and national forces to condemn giving a Palestinian house "Al-Rajbi house " to the settlers .



In the Tulkarem city in the northern West Bank, number of citizens suffocated by tear gas, which occupation army fired at them at the (old Netanya ) checkpoint west of the city of Tulkarem, after they suppressed a demonstration that started in front of Palestine Technical University, and preceded by planting olive seedlings on the university land adjacent to the apartheid Wall.



In Bethlehem, Israeli occupying forces closed "Al-Nashash" barrier and prevented citizens from reaching the lands threatened with confiscation in al-Khader village, to prevent the bulldozers from continuing  leveling the land; and they attacked the participants, and beaten them with hands and rifle butts.



In Jenin, which the occupation authorities confiscated 17 thousand acres of its land, the Department of Agriculture, the Coordinating Committee of the feminist organizations and the municipality of Yaabad commemorated land day events by planting trees in the Yaabad town  southwest of Jenin. The events included planting 100 olive seedlings in an area adjacent to "Shaked" settlement. And planting olive saplings in the martyrs' cemetery in the city.



Land Day , is a day that Palestinians commemorate on March 30 of each year, it’s related to the protests which took place on March 30th 1976, when occupation government confiscated thousands of acres of the occupied territories in 1948, where the majority of population were Palestinians, in that day there were general strike and demonstrations from the Galilee to the Negev; and it led to clashes and the killing of six Palestinians.