Israel approved building of more than 2,800 housing units and over 1000 trees uprooted in March.
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Israel approved building of more than 2,800 housing units and over 1000 trees uprooted in March.

2042014 Although negotiations continue between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, there has been no change on the daily practices Israeli government and settlers implement in the occupied territories. Reports indicate that, in March, the Israeli government approved the building of 2840 housing units in the city of Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.

The Israeli Housing Ministry issued a tender for the construction of 387 housing units in the settlement of  ‘Ramot Shlomo’ to expand the settlement towards the town of Shu’afat, north of Jerusalem.  These settlement units come within the settlement scheme aiming to build 1,500 housing units in ‘Ramat Shlomo’, which will establish a huge settlement cluster on the northern border of Jerusalem, to isolate and separate the district’s western villages from the Palestinian capital and to ensure they are no longer geographically connected.  

 The occupation authorities also ratified a plan to build 2269 new housing units, including 694 units in ‘Leishm’ settlement, which is built on the territory of the town of Deir Ballut and Kafr a-Dik. In addition, 839 housing units were approved in the settlement 'Ariel', which is built in Salfit district. In the ‘Beit El’ settlement 290 housing units, built on the territories of Ramallah and Al Bireh, have been approved as well as 31 units in the 'Al Mawj' settlement, which is built in Jericho. Furthermore, 350 units in the 'Shvut Rachel' settlement and 65 housing units in the 'Shafi Shomron' settlement built in Nablus have gotten the green light for construction.

 The ‘Jerusalem Municipality Local Planning Committee’, agreed on building 184 new housing units in East Jerusalem. According to the decision, 144 housing units will be established in 'Har Homa' settlement, which is built on the territory of Abu Ghneem Mountain in Jerusalem. Additionally, the building of 40 settlement units in ‘Pisgat Zeev’ has been confirmed.  The Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel authorised the establishment of a new settlement in favour of the IDF soldiers who serve permanently and for others working in security services. The settlement will be located near 'Ramot', north of Jerusalem, and it includes the construction of 182 housing units.

 Continuing with the policy of annexing land, the occupation authorities gave the residents of Qaryout village, south of Nablus, a confiscation order that seizes more than a thousand acres of village land, to be added to 'Shiloh' settlement, built upon the resident’s land. The occupation authorities intend to build tourist resorts on the newly confiscated land, according to the seizure notice.

 The settlers resumed their daily attacks on Palestinian citizens, uprooting 1470 seedlings and olive trees during March. As well as various attacks ranging from attacking Palestinian farmers to damages to their houses and property, all under the protection of the occupation army.







Uprooting olive trees.


Kafr Qaddum-  Qalqilya

Har Hameed

400 olive seedlings belong to Nazmi Asaad Qasim Ebeed.

Attacking Palestinian farmers using sharp tools.


Almogheer- Ramallah

Kokhav HaShahar

The citizen Haitham Hajj Muhammad Ghalib, 39 years old was injured badly in the head.

Attacking reporters.


Al Bireh

Beit El

Smashing the car's front windshield of the photojournalist Abbas Momani – the French agency AFP

Uprooting olive trees.


Yatta- Hebron


6 years old, 40 olive trees belong to the citizen Karam Shatat.


Uprooting olive trees.




Houara- Nablus




50 olive trees belong to the citizen Fawzi Hassan Mohamed Hussein

Attacking farmers


Mikhmas- Ramallah


Back injury 'Omar Mohammed Hajj 21-year-old', gunshot wounds, deep bruises and others were also injured

Uprooting olive trees.


Burin- Nablus


Smashing 30 olive seedlings belong to the citizen Suleiman al-Najjar and attacking his house.

Uprooting olive trees.


Turmusaya -Ramallah

Adi Ad

Uprooting and stealing 950 olive seedlings.

Attacking citizens


Main street in north Ramallah villages


Attacking citizens’ cars by throwing stones.

Attacking citizens


Yatta- Hebron

Metsbi Yaeer

Attacking farmers with batons and stones