Report of settlers attacks for April 2014
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Report of settlers attacks for April 2014

With all the world watching crimes of the Israeli occupation and settlers against the Palestinian people continue, April 2015 witnessed settlers' uprooting and cracking 729 fruit trees, and abusing Palestinians and their property in various forms. 

The months of the useless negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian parties under the supervision of America, didn't manage to cease occupation's expansionary policies. Information center of the wall and the settlements report revealed that the months of negotiations witnessed 455 attacks by settlers like running Palestinians over, beating, shot, seizure, burning and uprooting trees. 
As well as the distribution of 708 demolish notification to houses and property of Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, in addition to the demolition of 311 houses, mosques, barracks, public facilities, commercial facilities, water wells, and tents. 

The report indicated that the attacks on Palestinian land like seizure, burning and confiscation is about 15184 acres among all the Palestinian territories to 67 borders, the report also revealed that Israel had planned and carried out the construction of 13323 housing units in settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

The following table shows the attacks in April 2014. 







uprooting seedlings 


Al-Khadir / Bethlehem

Sedi Ezar 

Uprooting 350 grape seedlings, stole and destroyed parts of the walls of a room that citizens use to store their agricultural equipment.

uprooting seedlings 


Al-Khadir / Bethlehem

Daneil and Sedi Booz

uprooting 300 grape seedlings. 

attacking citizens 


Al-Beireh / Ramallah 

Beit Eill 

throwing stones at citizens' cars.

preventing citizens from reaching their lands 


Yatta / Hebron 

Ali Maon and Hafat Maon 

attacking the citizens Ali Jaber Ebraheem Awad, 26 years old, and Salah Shhadeh Makhamreh, 20 years old, and causing bruises under the protection of occupation's army. 

making religious rituals in citizens' lands 


Sorif / Hebron 


Breaking in lands and doing rituals. 

Attacking properties 


Madama / Nablus 


Setting fire in a poultry barracks in the village of Madama, south of Nablus. The barracks is ​​built on an area of ​​470 m 2, and it contained 3300 chick,120 water tanks, 200 feeding tanks, and spray cooling system consisting of 50 sprays, and 17 vacuums used to renew the air and cool the farm, and two heaters. The costs of establishing and equipping the barracks cost 250 thousand shekels and it was the source of money for the family consisting of10 people, including two college students. 

attacking citizens 




throwing stones at citizens' cars passing on Wad Qana road. 

uprooting and destroying trees


Ras Karkar / Ramallah 


uprooting and destroying 79 fruit trees that belong to four families in the village.  

braking in holly places 


Balata / Nablus 


Hundreds of settlers break in Joseph's Tomb under the protection of occupation army and made religious rituals. 

attacking citizens 


Yatta / Hebron 


settlers hit Rasha Makhamreh 7 years old, by a stone in the head causing a cut.