Demolitions and ongoing settlement expansion in the occupied territories
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Demolitions and ongoing settlement expansion in the occupied territories

02/06/2014 the settlers of "Ave Jal" settlement that was built on the lands of Yatta south of Hebron, started constructing new housing units to expand the settlement. The settlers have begun since last night to bulldoze the land, preparing to replace the RVs with cement houses in the settlement. 

This step comes as part of settlement expansion witnessed in the occupied territories, as well as confiscation of lands, building settlement units and the demolition of houses. Israeli occupation forces demolished a warehouse and  Akram Ali Al Qunbar's house entrance in Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Silwan town south of Al-Aqsa Mosque on the pretext of building without license. 

Qunbar said that the bulldozers demolished the entrance of his house and a warehouse that has an area of 60 square meters, and has existed since 8 years. 

People said that Israeli police and soldiers surrounded the area before the bulldozers started demolishing. 

Occupation authorities demolished housing barracks this morning in 'Tantour Pharaoh' area (Al Ayen Al Fawka) in Silwan, belonging to the citizen Ashraf Wazwaz and has an area of 40 square meters, which is built of tin two years ago. Also the bulldozers demolished a wall which was built by the occupation's municipality 5 years ago. 

Occupation's bulldozers also demolished walls in a parking area in Al Shiah neighborhood in Mount of Olives, that belong to Tamer Aslan without warning him; he said that the parking had previously been used as an aluminum store, and he emptied it 5 months ago after receiving demolition warnings from occupation's 


Today at dawn, bulldozers demolished trade barracks in Hizma village northeast of Jerusalem, one of them belongs to the citizen Fares Salah El Dien which he used to wash and repair cars in. As well as confiscating goods, and refrigerators, from a shop in the village; they also closed several shops by welding oxygen, under the pretext of building without license and being close to the apartheid wall.